me and william

It’s just me at the moment here at fogbear, here trying to put together a simpler life. So what is it I want to talk about?

They say to start a change, you have to start within yourself.


I figure we could all be a lot happier if we just gave a bit more of ourselves. If we could just stop being so uptight and guarded.













So these are my thoughts:

  • I’m sick of technology taking over, and I’m sick of myself letting it happen.
  • I need to develop new friendships, it’s a blooming minefield it seems.
  • I need to find an income, which fits around my life and feels that it’s worth while.
  • I love my kids but sometimes I don’t interact with them as much as I should.
  • I’m a people person, it’s what keeps me buzzing.
  • I love design and creative stuff.
  • As a mother I’m bored with thinking about food and what’s for tea.
  • Talking about tea, I drink too much of it.
  • I’m currently doing no exercise, with the exception of walking the kids to school.

So I’m thinking this site will be a place for people to talk and interact and will cover:

  • Food – but not foodies food as I haven’t got the inclination (that might happen though).
  • Exercise – we all need something, but what’s best
  • Good – this is the simple bit, let’s just be supportive and decent folks, the news is full of horrific things.
  • Being happy – easier for some than for others. Do you think it’s in everyone’s grasp?
  • Change – this is stemmed from my recent physical move with my family from the North East to the South West, how do folks cope?
  • Shop – I stopped buying things when we moved. Packing things in boxes is a great way to see how much stuff you don’t need. This shop will be simple, useful, beautiful or clever, on recommendation only.

That’s it for now.

Please join in and be a part of my little, happy community. Simply a good place.

Karen x